10 Best Makeup & Hair Products EVER!

We all know the effects of relentless advertising campaigns that aim to make us buy BUY cosmetic goods and hair tools.

All of us have drawers filled with unused, half-used, unremarkable products and accessories. The reality is that you only need a few key items to achieve your maximum beauty best.

Being a fashion model has exposed me to the best essentials – the only essentials that a woman needs to feel polished and well groomed.  These are my 10 MUST HAVES, based on my years of experience and personal use to look my best in front of the camera.

The POREfessional:  My all time favorite product to use under my foundation. It is a dreamy balm that glides like silk over your skin. Miraculously, your pores are immediately minimized! Fine lines are concealed. This miracle product, not only gives your complexion the porcelain effect, it also helps your foundation stay in place.

Shiseido eyelash curler:  Not all eyelash curlers are the same!  Designed to curl each and every lash at the root, gone are the days when you have to struggle to crimp those stubborn lashes at the corners of your eyes. Pinch safe, and extremely durable, you will only ever need to buy one! (I have had my curler for at least five years. Gently removing any makeup residue and keeping the curler dry ensures longevity.)

BROWzings: Never leaving home without my eyebrows is my secret to looking at least five years younger. No kidding. When your eyebrows are over plucked you run the risk of appearing harsh. Unfortunately, we all start losing our eyebrow hairs as we mature—don’t ask me why-—it is what it is. With this compact little kit, you can fill in sparse areas with the color. Applying the color with the brush helps you maintain a natural look. The wax lets you shape your brows, and locks the color in. They also provide a tiny little set of tweezers for that emergency pluck!  My color choice is Medium. Works great with my fair skin, and brown hair.

Mason Pearson Hair Brush:  Don’t let the price tag of this beauty turn you away!  Every single one of the professional hairdressers that I have ever worked with has an arsenal of these babies. When you brush your hair with this tool, you are conditioning your hair with the natural oils that your body produces. The bristles stimulate your scalp and disburse sebum from the root to the tips of your hair, making each strand stronger. With regular use, your hair becomes supple, giving you that salon finished look, EVERY DAY.  The only brush for me has always been the Boar Bristle & Nylon Tuft, in medium. Perfect for my thick (unruly) hair. This brush has been with me through thick and thin! In fact, I still have my original Mason Pearson that was purchased in 1989! Can you believe it?  Talk about a lasting investment piece!

Tweezerman tweezers:  Once you use these incredible tweezers there will be no turning back for you!  For over 30 years, these remarkable tweezers have been the favorite for professional makeup artists. Because of their perfect design, the right slant of the tips, the painful struggle to pluck is nonexistent. Effortless hair removal! Just don’t get carried away! Remember to only pluck from the inside out! Never pluck from the top of your eyebrows- if you do you will ruin the natural shape of your brow!

BENETINT Cheek Stain:  Achieve the bloom of youth every day by using this beautiful stain. Dab a bit on the apples of your cheeks, and smooth with the tips of your fingers. The rosy glow mimics the flush you get when you  smile.  I also use this tint on my lips. The stain lasts all day, and it is absolutely indecipherable!

Stila Smudge Stick Eyeliner:  Achieving the ultimate smokey eye for night always involves using an eyeliner. Tired of dripping black eyes, finally I discovered the best eyeliner ever!  Waterproof, with the perfect tip to smudge delicious black right into the root of your eyelashes. This eyeliner is a must for your well-equipped makeup bag.

Moroccan Oil:  After you have blow-dried, curled and brushed your hair, undoubtedly you will have a bit of frizz. The best finishing tool I have found is Moroccanoil.  Use a pea-sized drop, rubbed between your palms, on the ends of your hair first, then traveling UP your locks. Shiny and smooth, with a hint of fragrance your hair will feel luxurious, and look gorgeous every day!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer:  As we age, our skin’s texture changes. Using a heavy foundation only drags your looks down, adding years to your face. Tinted Moisturizer is the way to go!  This product is my absolute must have! Oil Free with a broad spectrum SPF20. This lightweight product protects your skin while giving it a hint of color.  Enhancing, rather than hiding our skin, is the best anti-aging trick around.  So stop “layering” yourself in heavy foundation!  With this tube of magic, you will look and feel fresh-faced all day.

Touche Eclat-Radiant Touch by YSL:  Another secret weapon used by professional makeup artists, models, and celebrities, this illuminating pen should be with you at all times! Used under foundation, for dark circles and blemishes or dabbed on lightly for more coverage during the day. You will look refreshed with your brightened complexion. Packaged in a sleek gold wand with a brush at the tip, this product is worth its weight in gold. Easy to apply and blend, it’s the perfect match for any foundation or tinted moisturizer that you will use. Don’t let the price scare you away, it is well worth the investment. The gold pen will last for at least 6 months. Go on, your worth it.

Most importantly remember that YOU possess the ability to shine brightly by embracing yourself fully. Be kind to yourself, and remember to always smile because that is the best beauty trick of all.

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it in us or we find it not.”  —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo: ©Julie Anderson All Rights Reserved

  1. Goodness Elizabeth –
    Hell yes re Mason Pearson brushes! I have the first one I ever purchased … circa ’88! It is still in great shape. Talk about value. As per the cold water rinse, that is a new one for me, I can’t imagine enduring frigid temps but I will certainly give it a shot.

    Your beauty regime is better than mine!! I love YOUR tips! I never thought about breaking vitamin E capsules. Great tip! I am an olive oil lover as well. I practically bathe in it 🙂

  2. Julie –
    I love all of this! Mason Pearson hair brushes FOREVER. They are expensive but I’ve researched and found that the bristles do not break your hair and they also break up the natural oils in your hair and distribute it through out keeping your hair naturally healthy. As we all know – you are not suppose to wash you hair every day. Also I read you should wash your hair with cold water. And you should also run the shower cold at the end of your shower because the cold water helps to close the pores on your skin where as hot water leaves them open to bacteria. Tweezerman Tweezers forever. I will never use another tweezer. Also I saturate my face in Vitamin E twice a week. I open the capsules and squeeze the oil into my palm and then I rub it on my face and then pat dry and leave it on over night. Makes my skin glow. And lastly – when my hair gets dry – sometimes after being in the sun too long – I heat up maybe .25 olive oil and work it through my dry hair. I have thick hair so I use the oil until my hair is saturated. Then I put it up in a bun for the day. That night I wash it and condition it and in the morning it looks like I have had some sort of expensive “treatment” done. Love your beauty tips. I want the eye lash curler.

  3. LK Thanks for the addition of the Palmer’s lip balm! You know I remember getting all chapped from Carmex on photo shoots. The makeup artists new it was an irritating product to use, but it made the models lips plump- for the shot. (never mind the after math)

  4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter lipbalm. It looks like a glue stick, but it will keep your lips soft and supple. Stay away from Carmex and Blistex or any lip balm that contains camphor or menthol as this just dries your lips.

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