And then I thought…
How can I climb this
Mount of Ever needing Rest?
Shall I start one stain at a time?
Jealous of the 17 chosen to
immortalize moments.
Ink the language.
Skin the canvas.
Mouth(s) water
walking a fine line.
I assured no accent required.
I insisted only honesty will do.
I confirmed it is mutual, it is intoxicating
I surrendered to its consuming fire
It responded, “If you only knew”
Jealous of other interactions
Some clinging to the bottom
Vultures mistaken for eagles
Circling ‘round ‘bout
Drawn to the core others
Have mistaken for rotten
I straddled consequences and scars
Others ignored
Fearless consistency over time
17 deserves erosion of all doubt
17 deserves a love like the one I have to give
17 deserves that and more
Cause 17’s a gift

Photo Credit: Digitalie Flickr via Compfight cc

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