2:00 AM

Some places in my mind
are cerebral neighborhoods
best left
not to walk through alone.

In dreams
I am jolted by
vivid thoughts
I sprint away
as if racing
could bring escape.

The wearisome part
then settles in
as memories declare
we are here to stay
we are not leaving, no

Ancient conversations
run on, endless loops
falsely creating
ways different words
might have changed outcomes.

But everyone knows
except me
at 2:00 am
that this is never so.

Photo Credit: Mateus Lunardi Dutra Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. Wow! I love this Dori! “Cerebral neighborhoods”, “I sprint away as if racing could bring escape”…
    Actually, I love every word of every line! How I can identify with the 2 a.m. unquiet mind, the endless ‘what if’s’… But we keep hoping, and we keep writing, and that’s what keeps us sane!
    Love you, Susan xo

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