5 Best Bronzers & Highlighters for Glowing Skin

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We all are beach bunnies at heart, but let’s face it, the sun is way too damaging for our sensitive skin.  Instead of bemoaning our lack of glowing color, get smart and get bronzed! Bronzers and highlighters, when used properly give just the right hint of color and contour. Who needs a Caribbean vacation when you have one of these terrific bronzers on hand.

1.Color Of Science gives a radiant glow, packed tight in a sleek compact

Their universally flattering color Santa Fe ($49) is my favorite. This bronzer promises and delivers. Your skin will look luminescent and fresh.


2. L.A. Minerals gives other makeup manufacturers a run for their money

Loose mineral bronzers go the extra mile. This brand gives you various options to achieve your best glow. Doesn’t a bit of Diva Dust ($10) sound like the ticket?  No breakouts, no itching, no nothing but glamorous color and glow.

Blazin Bronzer

3. Anastasia Premiere Contour & Highlight Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Premiere Contour & Highlight Palette is perfect for the serious makeup connoisseur. Six gorgeous shades that compliment your cheekbones, nose, jawline and your eyes. Contouring is a secret trick those in the know use often. Darker shades should be applied in the hollows of your cheeks. Highlight your cheekbones and the top of your nose. Stunning effects to fool them all into thinking that you have just returned from a well-deserved vacation.


4. Goldrush by Beauty for Real

Get Glowing Cheek Tint and Luminizer in GOLDRUSH by Beauty For Real is my personal favorite. Vitamin E and grape seed extracts strike a perfect balance with antioxidants, pomegranate extract, and organic minerals. Silky smooth with radiant pigment, this bronzer has a flawless texture. I apply the highlighter to my brow bone, the bow of my lips, and of course, my cheekbones. I love the creamy dewy effect that this product delivers.




5. Elizabeth Arden Mineral Cheek Color

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Cheek Color in Coral is one of the most popular sun-kissed power tools EVER. Celebrity Makeup artists around the world use this bronzer for a fast application of natural looking color. Simply put, this beauty is a real gem.



What are you waiting for?


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