5 Best Fragrances of All Time

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A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. – Coco Chanel

An aphrodisiac for our soul, fragrance can enliven our spirits. The perfect scent will linger in your psyche forever.  Perfume becomes entwined with our memories.  One sniff will carry you back to your old flames arms. Inhaling a familiar aroma can transport you to another country, another time. Scent can and does turn us on by turning up our pheromone dial.

The perfect scent is one that delicately embraces the body’s natural essence. It can be confusing to decide what type of perfume to buy. Different concentrations of the aromatic compounds mixed solvents regulate the intensity and longevity of each scent.

Perfumes have become an indispensable accessory that helps promote our “feel good” factor. We express our style, character and our social, economic status (subliminally) when we wear a particular scent.

Curated below is a  list of five outstanding aromas, which, in my opinion, are timeless and chic.

All of them are evocatively sexy. All of them are fresh. All of them are sure to delight even the most discerning “nose”.

1. LILAC by Leilani Bishop ($62) is a Fragrance Oil.  

Considered a feminine and empowering fragrance this oil is one of a kind.  The Lilac flower has a rich history even in mythology. Syringa (lilac’s botanical name) was a beautiful nymph who unwittingly caught the eye of Pan the God of the forest and fields. To escape his unwanted affections, Syringa turned herself into an aromatic bush: the lilac.




2. Jo Malone ‘Peony & Blush Suede’ Cologne ($120)

Is just one of the delicious fragrances that were created in Ms.Malone’s kitchen. Her perfumes initially created as giveaway gifts for her facial clients. The best of nature’s scents, her unique “nose” launched what has become a favorite brand of perfumes, celebrated by the masses. This sensual scent carries notes of peonies, red apple, jasmine, rose, and gillyflower.



3. BVLGARI ‘Eau Parfumee Au the Vert’ Eau de Cologne Spray ($90)

Worn by both men and women, fresh and intoxicating, makes this fragrance is universally loved, and timeless.  A heady concoction of bergamot, orange blossom, cardamom, coriander, pepper, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, woods, and tea make up this delightful scent._6347518

4. Annick Goutal ‘Vétiver’ Cologne ($175)

One out of the 51 fragrances that make up this famous line. Launched in 1980, Ms. Goutal’s (a former fashion model & pianist) perfumes quickly garnered attention. This one is a particular favorite of mine. The smell of Vétiver makes my knees weak. Timeless, fresh and sexy, both men and women can wear this fragrance.


5. CHANEL No.5 Perfume ($125-325)

Released on May 5, 1921, as the scent that epitomized the liberated spirit of women in those days.  This perfume still takes my breath away. It will forever be my all time favorite. Sensual and seductive, jasmine flowers and tonka beans are the foundations of this legendary fragrance.

What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No.5 of course- Marilyn Monroe

I rest my case.


“Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions or will. The power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.” -Patrick Suskind


Fragrance Oils: Preferable as they have no alcohol to dilute delicate notes.

Parfum or Extract: The strongest grade of fragrance with a 15-40% balance of aromatic compounds. This class of perfume is the most expensive scent that you can buy. Typically robust and durable, less is more.

Eau de Parfum: Lighter and less expensive than Parfum or Fragrance Oils it boasts a 10-20% balance of aromatic compounds.

Eau de Toilette: Diluted scent with a 5-15% balance of aromatic compounds.

Eau de Cologne: A type of perfume made with citrus. It has a 3-8% mix of aromatic compounds.


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