5 Best Lip Pencils for 2016

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“Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God’s final word on where your lips end.”- Jerry Seinfeld

In the age of fillers, the plumper you’re lips the better your pout is.  We inject. We buy gloss. We are lipstick fanatics. We love our lip liner!

Hang on a second, first things first.

Get a grip on those injectables. No one looks good with inflated clown lips! What you can do to enhance your unique set of gorgeous lips, is to outline them subtly with a neutral lip liner.

Now do us all a favor and DO NOT I repeat DO NOT over line, overdraw or over accentuate your mouth. Joan Crawford’s look from the 40’s is not the look now, so be discrete! Natural color is your best bet when it comes to your lips.

In my opinion, the best lip pencils on the market are these babies. All of them have your mouth’s best interest at heart. Which one will you choose?

1.Chanel Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Definer in Rose Clair ($31) does just that.

Defining your mouth’s curves with a barely there hint of color. J’adore!



2.Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Lip Liner in Barely Nude ($28) stays put.

This pencil perfectly keeps your lips in check. No feathering allowed!


3.Laura Mercier Anti-Feathering Clear Pencil ($20) is the most original lip pencil around.

No need to worry about coloring out of the lines with this pencil because if you do nobody will be able to notice. 


4.CARGO Swimmables Lip Liner in Canaria ($18) is perfect for the beach babe that likes to keep her lip color locked in place even after a swim.

Long-wearing, durable color is here!



5.THE PERFECT LIP PENCIL in Nude by Beauty For Real ($14)  Is my personal favorite.

Creamy enough to glide right on effortlessly. This pencil will keep your lips in shape for hours.


With a steady hand, just glide your new lip pencil around the outline of your mouth. It is that easy. From there, add your favorite lip color and gloss. Perfection!

Line it. Define it. But don’t over do it. Less is more ladies. Discretion is key, especially when it comes to your face. How you wear your makeup will determine whether or not you look classy or (god forbid) trashy.


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