50 Shades of Grey Kink

I was perusing the internet last week and read a study on the Washington Post stating that 60% of the women polled wanted to be tied up and dominated. Wow! That seemed high to me, but they attributed it to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. So I get it, women want to find their own Mr. Grey and get out the play toys. But what threw me was when I brought the study up to friends of mine at lunch, most agreed. Then after lunch, my shy little friend who we’ll call Mary took me aside and told me that she had gone online and bought all kinds of fun play toys for her and her husband. This was MARY we’re talking about here. Never a bad word about anyone, leader in her church, drives the carpool, Mary. The thought that she had all kinds of adult toys at her disposal and was being chained up on a regular basis just about blew my mind. You have to know, I am no prude. I write sexy Vampire novels for a living (see that little Amazon ad box over there?). For God’s sake … nothing is off- limits. But if Mary is doing this, then EVERYONE must be. So it got me thinking … what are people buying for fun?

I did a little research and found out that 78% of all women buying adult toys are in a relationship. Crazy, right? Not really. Want to know what they’re buying? I thought you might. So below are a few of the newest and top sellers on the net. (Links included of course, just click the images.)

#1 All Around: Vibrators

These, little (or big) things, come in all sizes, shapes, colors and designs—from ticklers to the famous Rabbit. They fly off the shelves, and you can find them all over the net, shipped to your home—discreetly of course. Did you know there is a difference between vibrators and dildos? Who knew, right? Dildos a.k.a. the plastic penis is just that, a rubber, flexible penis. These puppies come in all kinds of humongous sizes. They also come with suction cups … think about that for a minute.

 # 2 Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

These are all the rage since the 50 Shades of Grey book hit the stands. There are different types, so be careful to read what you’re buying. Some aren’t adjustable and will really pinch and hurt. If you’re into that, great, order away. However, we newbies would probably be more comfortable with a pair that have an adjustable setting. Just saying … don’t want to hurt the girls indefinitely.

# 3 Restraints

Cheap and easy. No, not you! I’m talking about full restraint sets. At Amazon, you can purchase your own beginner set for under $20 dollars. There are all kinds of restraints and sets available, from beginner to hardcore bondage. You can get tied to a wall, a bed, the closet … even a shower door. Okay, you have to know at this point I am blushing. I shouldn’t be blushing, but I am. Shall we continue?


#4 Paddles, Whips & Ticklers

This is where the new 50 Shades genre has really taken off. A lot of women are talking about these little additions in the bedrooms. From leather riding crops, spanking paddles, deerskin floggers, ostrich feather ticklers, to leather whips … women are buying them all. I personally don’t get the attraction of being hit, but many women do. So much so that there is an “aftercare” cream you can buy for your significant other to rub on your newly bruised or whelped spots to help them heal. Yeah … I’m serious.


#5 The Wedge


Now this is the cream of the crop, no pun intended, in the new 50 Shades of Grey kinky fun festivities. I have been reading a lot online about this interesting pillow. Well, I call it a pillow, but really it’s just what the title says – a wedge. It helps you and your significant other get into those hard- to- do positions and then stay in those positions for as long as you want. From the Adam & Eve website:

“Your fantasy positions are now possible, while your current favorite ones will be changed for the better––for both of you!”

Sounds good, right? There are several styles, but all are on the high side price-wise. Might be a great Christmas gift?

I hope you now have a clearer view of the 50 Shades of Grey kink that’s happening all around you. Next time you’re at school picking up your child, or at the grocery store … take a moment and look around. Six out of ten women around you are probably dreaming about going home and being tied up. Maybe it’s your turn to try?

  1. Snap! “Mary” is into this crazy stuff? To each his own, somehow I think I must be prudish…. not my thing. Well maybe the wedge pillow, I will take that one. Thanks for the information!

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