9 Life Hacks Learned by Playing Soccer

You know that awkward question “What do you do?”

I am a cook, cleaner, chauffeur, counselor, concubine, crazed lunatic a.k.a Mom., wife, fashion model, actress, writer,  but most notably …

I am a soccer mom.

There, I said it.  Who would have thought? I mean I was the first one to cringe at those moms with a van load of snot nosed little soccer players.  Then, the tables turned.

Ever since my youngest son turned four he has been playing the world’s favorite sport. Yes, you heard me; it is the WORLD’S favorite sport, hands down. For the past nine years, we have been training, driving, training, driving, playing, driving, playing, training. My Hubby is really the “coach” besides the “coach.”  I am an official “sideline screamer.”

“Come on take it in!!! Get that goal! RUN, RUN, RUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!”

“Kick the damn ball!!!! ”

“What do you mean that is a foul?”

I head straight to the obnoxious side of the bleachers.  I know myself.

Besides losing my voice and my mind after endless hours devoted to my son’s sport, I have been thinking a lot about what being a soccer mom has taught me.  Here you go … as they say, “Out of the mouths of babes,” in this case “after a day on the soccer field, in the car with Mom.”

Photo: Paul Empson

1. Uniforms make you look professional.

Even when you are a small squirt, wear your uniform with pride! Besides, you really do look great in it 🙂

Photo: Paul Empson

2. The Coach of your team is everything.

It’s an honor and an enormous responsibility to be a soccer coach. Their actions and the lessons they teach will last a lifetime. Your coach could be the deciding factor in your child’s life.  If a coach believe’s in a child’s capabilities and pushes them to reach out of their comfort zone, that child will succeed. Being a great coach (teacher or parent) also means that sometimes you have to admit that you do not know it all. Being able to accept and concede your flaws = greatness NOT weakness.

Photo: Julie Anderson

3. To be a winner you need to be a team player.

There is no “I” in Team, but there is a T for Trophy. Teamwork is everything! If you can work together in life with your colleagues, friends, and spouses, you will achieve great things. It takes a village to do even some of the simplest things in life. Give and take, watching each others backs, picking up the slack and putting in a bit of extra effort will help you achieve any success you seek.

Photo: Julie Anderson

4. In sports and in life, you have got to remember to RUN!

If you don’t run, well, great stuff will just pass you by. Get to it my friend and seize the day!

photo: Julie Anderson

5. Don’t ever give the referee (or the cops or your teacher or your boss) a hard time.

They can make your life a living hell. Of course, there are times when you will not agree with what they say, just be sure to pick your battles and do it wisely.


Girls & Boys
Photo: Julie Anderson

6. Girls and Boys can and do excel at the same things. Period.

Respect the opposite sex always.

Steal the ball
Photo: Julie Anderson

7. Pay attention to your goals (or the ball).

Keep your eye on it; there is always someone else out there that just might try and steal your thunder. Don’t let their negative tactics or words get you down. Don’t buy into anyone else’s BS. Most naysayers are filled with self-doubt, and they love to have company. Stay on track and BELIEVE. Your positive attitude will take you far. Trust in yourself. Trust in your abilities. Have faith. The world is your oyster; the pearl is you.

Stay alert
photo: Julie Anderson

8. Stay Alert and Ready for Action.

Be open for that once in a lifetime opportunity. Be open to change. Be flexible and adapt. Who knows where that unexpected door will lead? Be courageous and always go with your gut instinct, because it will never let you down.


proud parent

9. The support of parents and loved ones go a long way.

Whether or not you are young or old, having someone in your corner throughout your life is priceless. Hearing those magic words “You can do it!” turns any effort into “I did it!”

Being a “Soccer Mom” despite all of my bitching and moaning is the greatest job title I have ever had, second only to being a Mom.

Final words of wisdom from me to you:

Go out there and get it! Follow your dreams and kick ass! I know you can do it because you my friend are a winner!


Photo: ©Julie Anderson All Rights Reserved

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson is the Creator and Publisher of Feminine Collective. Julie was inspired to create this safe place for women to share their secrets, desires, triumphs and pain as the antithesis of what mainstream media offers women today. In her column Pursuit of Perfection, she explores the importance of rectifying the balance of inner and outer beauty through essays, poems and articles on self-esteem, shame, family, and self- acceptance.

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    Thanks Bruce for your comment and compliments 🙂 I love that you love the pics! Paul and I have a competition going over who is the better sports photographer in the family. We take it very seriously!

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