A Universe

I adore resilient souls- the ones who will never give up on you
because they never give up.
It’s the ones who catch a current and fly
when you think they are free falling.
It’s the ones who reach shore treading water
when you think they’ve gone under
having taken their last breath.
It’s the ones who get back up and “tko” their opponent in the next round
when it looks like they’re down for the count.
They have learned the secret of an unremitting spirit
and have the moxie to get through every challenge with a bang
even if they’re a little banged up.

Those are the people you hold on to and never let go.
They will feed your soul when it’s depleted.
They will tell you there’s more in you when you think you’re done.
They will cheer you to the finish line.

Not seeing their worth would be allowing a universe to slip through your fingers;
if all you saw was a black hole.

“Space” by US Department of State is licensed under CC0 1.0

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