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A Wave of Dave explores the whimsical adventures of unconventional masculinity. Self-examining, reflective and eccentric, Dave Pacailler shares humorous insights to his sensitive shades-of-gray personality that starkly contrasts that of his impervious, thick-skinned, macho-esque wife.
About the Author: After living under a rock for nearly 25 years, Dave had his eyes opened wide to the world in 2010 after marrying his crazy cat lady wife. Officially straight but defined by some as metro, you will typically find him cleaning the house instead of working out in the yard. In his spare time, Dave enjoys playing the guitar and writing sappy love songs. Living in Florida, he endures a comedic life with his wife, teenage stepdaughter, five cats and a dog that no one likes.



Latest Articles

You are the Star of Trade Town, Davey!

Me at nine years old: “Look! It’s a brand new 1975 AMC Pacer! Isn’t it groovy? I got the keys. Wanna take it for a ride?”...

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One Day, the Pain May Be Useful to You

Useful. Now that’s a word I despise. Over the years, during numerous times of personal distress, I’ve heard the same, mundane,...

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Sometimes, A Man Still Needs His Mom

“…a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” – Ephesians 5:31...

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My Wife’s Macho-Mama to MILF Makeover

Ever since I was a teenager, I was told the same thing over and over again: “Dave, if a girl has boobs, you’re already in love...

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Damaged Goods

I am damaged goods. I am forever broken. I am beyond repair. That is my excuse. I have not known innocence. My parents were self-absorbed....

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Naked Soul

When is the last time you were completely naked in front of someone?  I’m not talking about being naked for sex. I’m not...

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I Saw Myself Naked Today

I saw myself naked today. Like most people, I typically take a quick glance at myself in the mirror after my morning shower—with a...

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Hello! Is My Name OCDave?

It’s no secret that I’m married to a slob. Thankfully, my wife realizes this, admits to it, and (proudly) owns it. I knew this...

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Girly Feet

If you really want to insult me, the worst thing you could possibly do is compliment my bare feet. In fact, I would rather you point, laugh...

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I am a Counterfeit Memory Hero

As I turned on the light and maneuvered my way into the closet, I made full use of my Tetris skills. I shuffled past boxes of record...

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A Blurry Image of Love, Lust and the Teenage Mind

Love, lust and the teenage mind. Yep, I was a hot mess back in high school. I remember it vividly. Although I considered myself a goober, I...

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“Hey Dude, Your Junk Looks Dangerous!”

I hate using the public restroom at the airport. Whether it’s the urinal or the stall, no amount of hand-washing is enough to...

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Dad, I Forgive You

Raise your hand. Who’s had a perfect childhood? Who has perfect parents? Who has the perfect family? Unfortunately, most of us...

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After 35 Years, I Finally Grew a Pair

After 35 years, I finally grew a pair. That’s right, I finally stood up to a childhood bully. The end result of my adventure,...

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I Hacked into My Teenager’s Facebook Account

After reading this story, you may think I’m the worst parent ever or you may think that I’m the best parent ever....

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Confessions of a Cocky Cross-Country Commuter

For anyone that has seen the 2009 George Clooney movie Up In the Air, you’re already well aware of the kind of life I’ve been...

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The Status of our Relationship is Based on the Article I’m Reading

When I troll the Internet out of sheer boredom, it’s not uncommon for me to stop and analyze one of those relationship advice...

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Life at the Pussy Palace

*This article is not related to any brothel; legal or otherwise.  And get your minds out of the gutter.  When the word...

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My Billy Joel Man Crush

It was 1977, and I was eleven years old. I was riding around with the car top down and the radio on with my older brother and his cool...

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My Sappy Love Song Saga

Just the other day, I found myself listening to 80s Love Songs on Pandora Internet Radio.  I listened willingly, believe it or not.  That...

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I’m Metro-WHAT?

I’ve been called many things in my life – from dork to hot and everything in between, but when my kids recently called me...

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