FC Staff

Our Staff is the heart and soul of Feminine Collective. They work long days and endless hours to make Feminine Collective what it is. It takes a tribe to keep the FC running, and we would like to introduce them to you.

Julie Anderson
Founder, Editor in Chief,

“I am my mother’s daughter, fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer. I am my father’s daughter, constantly searching for a reason beyond just being. I doubt that I will ever be satiated. My curious nature keeps me dreaming, believing and doing.”



Sherri Smith

Sherri Smith
Partner, Columnist

“Whose life is this? Yours! So live it the way YOU want to live it.
This is not a dress rehearsal!”





Stephanie Ortez

Stephanie Ortez
Special Project Director, Columnist

“Stop running towards finding yourself,
instead, create yourself”




John Michael Antonio

John Michael Antonio
Editor, Columnist

“Amongst other things, I am also an undercover fashionista.
If you are ever in need of fashion advice  contact me,
and I will be able to help.”




Dave Pacailler
Account Executive, Columnist

“Feed me a steady diet of statistics, throw in a side order of MAD magazine,
and I’ll take a trip to Easter Island for dessert.”