After Death of Birth

I found my death
when I gave a life,
but life played a trick on me.
She brought back my ghost
to live in a body
that talks and thinks,
of skeletons that breathe;
a body that can not
make sense of what I say,
then collapses in the exhaustion,
of forcing my living.
I am empty, you say flow.
You say live, I’m already dead.
Death does not speak
yet I have a voice,
that you hear but hear not;
feelings you know in a different context.
Listen to me with your soul,
understand me with your gut.
I want to live alive,
if I can’t, let this ghost die.

Photo Credit: H o l l y. Flickr via Compfight cc

Kundai Muringi

Kundai Muringi is a Zimbabwean, who loves nature, words, and soul. Her heart is in humanitarian work, having previously worked with female domestic violence survivors. Currently, she is volunteering with a support group for perinatal mental health, in Port Elizabeth- South Africa, raising awareness about conditions that are still terribly sidelined. She enjoys spending time with her amazing husband and their three beautiful children. Kundai best expresses her creative thoughts and ardent views in poetry.

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