Beyond The Ether

You do not have to be here now all day, everyday
Searching for cosmic signs, all that guru bullshit
You don’t have to be perfectly good all day, everyday
Life is exhausting and overwhelming
It’s okay and welcome to check out once in a while
Give yourself permission to eat the cake, watch your favorite rom-com on a
Tuesday afternoon and smile at a stranger without thinking
When you’ve already lived your beginnings and middle, it’s okay to loosen
up heading towards the end
I guarantee you will not be stressing over taxes or how many millions are
left in your bank account
Spend it, share it, use it
Experience all the things that light up your soul
Save the copper pennies and the greys for the next lifetime
You’ve paid your dues in sacrifice and pain and worry
The weight of the world and monkeys on your back
Are heavy enough
You cannot shake the icky feeling
No matter how hard you try
So why not stop trying so hard
Just stop
Stop trying, stop whining, stop obsessing about tomorrow
Time isn’t a commodity and not on your side
You most probably won’t get the exact life you dreamed
Most likely, it won’t even be close
But do me a favor while we’re killing time here
Open your heart and let joy flood the dark
It won’t be easy to choose love and light
And yet
It will be the smoothest, wisest, most fulfilling course
Living is hard and the mind keeps pulling you back
To the old patterns, the familiar places
The bad choices, the bad circumstance, the bad luck
Forget it and rewind
Back to birth
To all the warm and fuzzy wonder that came
From a swaddled embrace and forehead kiss
The brain is a miracle of mystic memory, inheritance and century’s old
cellular connection
Let the past carry you but do not linger there too long
Let the ones you loved who are no longer here
Belong to the spirit world
Let them guide you, and then
As fiercely as you have loved them in the here and now
You must let go
Let them go
Set them free to choose when to come back and do life
All over again
Growing just a little bit clearer, a little bit easier and a little less heavy
Lighter in the soul the next time around
You and I will not be coming back together with these precise bodies and
No, my darling we sure won’t
We will be true loves walking parallel lines
Who’ll find each other in the next life
The here and now
Getting it wrong and getting it right
As lovers, friends, mothers and even foes
It will feel like 1400’s twin sister déjà vu, silly and childlike
yet new and different
Sweet and tragic inside a cold, meager stone cottage with dirt floors and
Leek stew
Last time around we were old souls one and the same
This time around
In these modern times I must walk without you
I will find you in the ether unencumbered by the burdening weight of past
Or monkeys tapping on my back and whispering in my ear
Whilst I slumber
Oh dear how I miss you
My precious guides gone missing
Back home inside the spirit realm
Where they wait patiently for an A+ okay sign
from me
That I am strong enough to go it alone
To do life on my own
Bittersweet goodbyes from beyond
That is on me
To severe interstellar ties that bind
To think how selfish I was all this time holding on so tight
To the dead, the DNA and cellular memory
All the while your loud love tap on my shoulder
The playful and annoying living and breathing reminder
I am not dead
Just yet
That you are
Heed the ghostly whispers whistling on the wind
Hush now
It’s perfectly fine to hang onto the memories
But it’s high time to let go
You human are doing just fine on your own
There are 777 lifetimes between us
Sometimes separate and others bound too tight together
Making it hard to distinguish where one life ends and another begins
Never forget
I have loved you
I have loved you so
I have been loved so well, my ghosts
For that I thank you
Cherishing our time together in the here and now
Go ahead and move on
I understand
I am alive without you
Beyond the ether, I cannot go




Photo Credit: Denkrahm Flickr via Compfight cc

Jacqueline Cioffa

A retired, international model, and celebrity makeup artist. Co-Author of Model Citi Zen, the guide. Founder of Author of numerous prose pieces in various literary magazines. Most recently published in Little Episodes Brainstorms the anthology, among esteemed artists Sadie Frost, Melvin Burgess and Todd Swift.

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    Beyond the ether we cannot go…
    I loved these lines and won’t forget them:
    “But do me a favor while we’re killing time here
    Open your heart and let joy flood the dark”
    Thank you for opening my heart again, Jackie. I needed this today.

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