Angry Woman

I am an angry woman, not pretty angry, not cute angry, but dragon hungry angry, lipstick smeared all over my face angry, twilight dying angry, box cutter to my skin angry, skin wailing, burning angry, when I said no and you cried and said, “Don’t you love me anymore,” angry. I could eat a whole […]

About Megan Coleman

Megan Coleman has been writing from the womb and is an emerging poet in Chattanooga, TN. Five of her poems appear in Elephant Journal (2017), and she is featured in Ordinary Madness Magazine (2017), Vocal Magazine (2017), finalist in the Fortnight Eyewear contest (2017), Visera (2012), and the winner in poetry in Chattanooga Writer's Guild contests in 2003 and 2004. She has given readings at Barking Legs and Mudpie Cafe in Chattanooga. She also has a B.A. in Women's Studies.

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Found Wanting: Burning With Anger, The Hidden Truth of Eating Disorders

At my childhood best friend Ashley’s house, the pantry was big enough to sit in, and when we were bored, we did just that, eating whatever was around us. The pantry was long and narrow, cool and dark, with hardwood floors obscured by tins of flour and multi-flavored popcorn. It was a tight squeeze, and […]

About Christina Larocco

Christina Larocco is a writer and historian based in Philadelphia, where she is the editor-in-chief of a scholarly journal and a prose editor for Cleaver Magazine. Her creative nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Hotel Amerika, Avidly, Footnote, and Weird Sister. She is writing a biography-in-essays of nineteenth-century abolitionist and feminist Martha Schofield.

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The rib never fit And the apple had worms Fig leaves are for fools shaming the Triangle of life Caves sheltered as long as you brought Down your share, felled by points you Chiseled by the hour, in between Sewing skins and putting the baby To your breast— Migrations, snow, death Seeds sown, crops harvested […]

About Anne Leigh Parrish

Anne Leigh Parrish's fourth novel, Maggie’s Ruse, will be published in October 2019 by Unsolicited Press. She has had short fiction recently published in New Pop Lit, The Slag Review, and O:JA&L. Recent poems have appeared in Mocking Heart Review, Crow Literary Review, S/tick, and Wilde Boy. She lives among the evergreen trees in the South Sound region of Washington State.


Some Language is More Equal Than Others

My no means less than your yes. My no to you perhaps means yes. My no is up for discussion. My no can be persuaded or explained away Or followed down the street.   It can be molded until it sounds like yes to your ears But still no to mine.   My no can […]

About Emily Algar

I am a journalist, writer and poet based in the United Kingdom. My portfolio includes music reviews and interviews with musicians and artists as well as political writing such as the commercialisation of feminism, rape culture, and covering the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in 2015 and the issue of freedom of speech and the media. My background is in International Relations and Security, but I have always been passionate about music and storytelling. In my writing, I attempt to place music in a broader framework of culture and politics. I believe that music and art can offer a powerful commentary on political and societal issues in the world and my writing and poetry reflects this.

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How to Prepare

Pull your hair tightly into a high pony tail Make it tighter still. There is something to be said for immaculate strands and their fraying roots.   Memorize the story of King Solomon and the baby so that the sensation of being severed in half becomes as familiar as breathing. The stinging sensation should fade […]

About Lydia A. Cyrus

Lydia A. Cyrus is a creative writer from Huntington, West Virginia. She has non-fiction work featured in several journals, including Luna Luna Magazine where she serves as a staff writer. Her poems can found in places like Quail Bell Magazine and Moonchild Mag. She is a proud Mountain Woman and loves her dog.

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She Still Stands

Stalwart she stands, Vestige of an age-old battle. Despite upheaval and storm, She can’t be kept down. The jealous threw rocks in her path, Easily seen and sidestepped. Haters threw stones at her, They reverberated back to them. They made pits for her to fall in, She leapt them with a laugh. They tried to […]

About Margie B. Klein

I've been a freelance writer for 28 years, covering nature, travel, education, children's, and spirituality topics. Though most of my works are nonfiction prose, I like to use poetry when it seems to be the only approach that will express the esoteric elements of my subject. My background is in the environmental sciences, and I've completed a 30-year career in this field. This type of work often involved discrimination against female employees, and this poem offers my frustration with it, while exposing the truth of the matter.

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The Color Code: Underwear, An Invitation For Sexual Misconduct?

“I see London, I see France, I see [child’s name]’s underpants!” (unknown origin) A familiar childhood chant, guaranteed to wreak playground-wide humiliation on the child, usually a girl, whose name was tauntingly inserted into the rhyme as she practiced perfecting her cartwheels on the grass, or flipped somersaults over the railings by the steps, with […]

About Judith Staff

Judith Staff’s background is in teaching and early years education. She still teaches occasionally, though now her main focus is in child welfare and safeguarding children. Her work includes delivering training, presenting at conferences, and engaging in collaborative projects with schools around child abuse awareness and sexual violence prevention. She enjoys writing blogs and poetry on topics she feels passionate about. Judith loves running, gym classes and karate. She is married to an art lecturer and they live in Northamptonshire, England with their three free-spirited children, a 12- year-old son, and daughters aged 11 and 9.

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A Honduran’s Christmas: Then and Now

Christmas – always bring back memories from my childhood, and one of those fondest memories is my father decorating the house while playing Jolly Old St. Nicholas by Ray Caniff’s singers in the background. This memory always makes me nostalgic as those times were simple and innocent, bringing greater pleasure and a lifetime of memories […]

About Stephanie Ortez

Stephanie is a highly caffeinated mother of two wonderful boys. She is hopelessly addicted to non-fiction books and literature that moves her to tears. She is an admissions advisor for George Washington University online where she assists homeschooled students internationally. Stephanie lives with Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She is a passionate mental health advocate, member of Stigma Fighters. Her writing has been featured on The Elephant Journal, The Mighty, The Organic Coffee Haphazardly and Feminine Collective.

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