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Between Memories and Scars with Nicole Lyons

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The Colour of Us

Water is wet and grass is green and we are us… until it isn’t… and we aren’t… anymore. And that’s how it was, he...

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Someone making an unsuccessful attempt to be quiet had pulled me into the place that hovers on the cusp of awake and asleep. A sound,...

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How To Love A Wanderer

If you happen to stumble upon a wanderer, unlock the door and welcome them in; but do so knowing that they’re only there to rest their...

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The Bone Keeper

I have cleaned my closet of all of the bones to make room for wispy summer dresses. I wrapped those bones in shame and tucked them deep...

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White Knights, Dads and Self-Image Saviors

My daughter came home from school and told me something that caused my heart to slam into my chest and as the instinct born into me to...

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My Manic Mind: The Ride of a Lifetime

I have bipolar disorder and sometimes, well sometimes, I think I’m blessed because of it. Now I’m not trying to glamorize mental...

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How Bipolar Disorder F*cked Me in All the Wrong Ways

I’m a woman who enjoys sex – a lot. I’ve always had the pleasure of savoring what many would consider a very high sex...

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