In the Matters of Kindness with Jayme Beddingfield

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I’m obsessed. My mind won’t quiet. Thoughts of more pull me out of the present. Dreams that reach magnitude distract me. Questions...

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The Last Time I Saw Them

My husband and I sat at our undersized dining room table across from an escrow agent in a mismatched room ragged at the corners from being...

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Not Enough

Be beautiful. Be Fit. Be a compassionate mother who feeds her family well. Be smart. Be independent. The list of societal pressures on...

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I’m Not My Mother

I started writing an article about being too quick to medicate children. I often wonder about the damage done to my developing mind from...

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A Part in the Clouds

Recently I stepped out of a darkness I didn’t realize I was in, and leaving it behind is a process. I believe I would be selling myself...

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Mermaids in Neverland: Our Culture of Hate

It’s hard not to pay attention to politics right now. Change is upon us which means rapid fire lines of blanket statements and titles...

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