Inside Man with John Michael Antonio

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Are You Armed and Ready to Vote?

OK, in light of where we are at in this country right now, let me dispense with the niceties. If you are a woman in 2016 America, there are...

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I Wish It Was That Simple

“tat,tat,tat” gurgles from his mouth fourteen months in this world concerned only with the navigation of his wagon around the...

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Morning Glory

After another fiery night of cradling you and watching you fight your demons I kiss you in the first light of day wanting to vanquish your...

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Why Men Secretly Fear Women

naked before me your body and my fears as your touch delivers me to you unleashing an animal passion that engulfs and inspires the stirring...

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Beyond the Gaze

For all of my sisters around the world my love for you resides beyond the gaze past the communal judgments and social constructions guiding...

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Men, Rape Culture and Choice

Like the title implies, the post that I offer up today is about an emotionally overpowering and sensitive subject – men and the acts...

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Dreaming of an Independence Day for Her

Yes in the course of it another 4th of July approaches and I find myself working and dreaming furiously of an Independence Day for her Yes...

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There You Are

there you are still standing defiant and victorious after the firefights as beautiful as ever resilient and glorious precious wrinkles and...

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Dear Donald, Fire Away My Friend

Dear Donald, I am writing you this letter because as an American citizen I have a couple of questions as well as a few things to say to...

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Donald Trump, King of the Misogynists

While it is tempting to say King Donald was foisted upon us by the media and the 24-hour news cycle, that's not entirely correct. Even...

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Love Letter to My Female Ancestors

Dear Female Ancestors, I have decided to do something impossible. I want to communicate back through time and space the love I feel for...

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Potter’s Field

(for my sisters) Standing here in the glistening grass a new morning is breaking over this potter’s field* Thoughts and words flutter...

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Cleaning House

(For my sisters) Familial alarm clock Mercilessly screaming the Blood red fingers of time Forces you to strike Back and embarrass it With a...

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Why I am a Feminist (and other men should be too)

It was wintertime 1974 in Cincinnati, Ohio and I was 11 years old, holding my mom’s trembling hand as we were walking up and down the...

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