Pursuit of Perfection with Julie Anderson

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Let’s Pretend

Let’s remember our youth when the sun played magic tricks with the light when we knew bliss when we felt safe when we were innocent...

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I need to score. It’s a release. Makes me feel free. Nah, this is nothing. Everyone does it, the new jam. A little bit of this, mixed...

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Carnal Dream

Don’t say a word Let me feel you smell you know your secrets savour the aftermath Floating in and out flesh decadent fantasy warm...

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She Hated Me, Right From the Start

She was my first friend away from home. Easy to laugh with, ready for mischief. She used her car, and my naive courage, to enter all the...

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While You Were Away

While you were away I walked through shadows disguised as glass I danced alone I learned that I could feel, be just as I am While you...

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The Game

trickster watch every move checkmate reaching for my queen bishop prays next gift, the ace of spades shall I start digging? full deck, use...

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Trophy. I have always been one.

Trophy (troh-fee): Anything taken in war, hunting, competition, especially when preserved as a memento; spoil, prize, or award. Anything...

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An NFL Legend and Me, his 17-year-old “Girlfriend”

What I remember is fuzzy in outline, gossamer thin, yet vibrant in detail. Sleek emerald green, the car glides silently. My skinny legs...

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Hell Hath No Fury Like My Midlife Crisis

I never did tell you the full story. I like to condense my material into bite-sized bits. You know, so that you can swallow the truth....

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Forever Daddy’s Girl

I have been fortunate lately. Really fortunate. A wake-up call came, and I was called back home. Back to my parent’s nest of...

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The Hierarchy of Existence

Hissing. Blowing. In.Out. Compression. Expansion. Beep. Beep. Whoosh. Dink, dink the vital sign machine carries on – the leader of...

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Don’t hold my hand. Never hug me, kiss me or tell me that you love me. Always say things that stab my heart. That is the way it...

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All eyes, you watched. Noting the carnage, foibles and hypocrisy around you, You heard the lies that hid underneath the frosting on your...

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What a Bitch!

“An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast will wound your body, but an evil friend will...

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Butterfly Wings

Surrender to the glossy eyes of bourbon scented lust. Unfold yourself, parchment-thin, cracking and splitting damnation is yours to keep....

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5 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person

Lust. Dating. Romance. Love.  (Sprinkle sex in between or at the beginning,) We all need companionship. Most of us start looking for love...

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Genetically Speaking, Who Am I?

My obsession to trace my family’s genealogical roots began when I was a little kid. I sat wide-eyed and all ears on the floor next...

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Phoenix Rising: Thriving With Depression

She always asks how I am doing. I rattle off a few tidbits, mainly professional milestones or interesting people who I crossed paths with...

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Phantom Heart

Lover your name is true. I see you beyond what has been ingrained honeyed words drip from your lips, drop into my dreams. Beat on for me, I...

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Listening Tears

*This poem is dedicated to all that suffer from mental health issues. I am very familiar with depression, it is a battle that I fight every...

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Life in the Fast Lane: Anxiety and Me

Mindfulness. Be mindful. Thoughtful. Thorough. These words mean the world to me, my brain cells are on fire. Crispy snapping sounds sizzle...

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WWII Pilots: Women Born to Fly for the Military

MOST OF US have heard stories of World War II, passed down from relatives, read about in history books, or witnessed via documentary films....

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The Pursuit of Perfection is Bullsh*t

Living life in front of the lens has its perks, namely access to incredible beauty magicians. High fashion artists, makeup and hair...

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All I Ever Wanted

All I ever wanted turned into something I never knew. Blood colored manacles on my wrists, the reflection of that wish....

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Lost in Translation: How Embracing My Vulnerability Saved Me

For as long as I can remember, my thoughts have been trapped in my head. An ineffectual communicator, I always listened to others and took...

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How Letting Go of Being Ashamed Set Me Free

All of us know it, the feeling of a sinking heart, the blush of the cheeks and the crushing blow of embarrassment. We are so ashamed. For...

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