The Way I See It with Elizabeth Regen

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Good. Better. Best. Do not rest until the GOOD becomes BETTER and the better becomes BEST.

My father was known for his positive and motivating adages. I have dreaded the mere thought of this day for my entire life. I have thought...

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i would rip your throat out i would burn you to pieces i’d leave you as ashes and never look back. the collapse of your soul is...

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Get Off Your iPhone!

We meet at a quaint coffee house where the vibe is European and being there makes you feel French. We are getting together for coffee....

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Little Dave “Argue” 1997

a creative madness soaks my conscience pulsing emotion wets me up i panic with the breaking of the news i unsuccessfully reach back in time...

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First Try

Vague, repetitious, harrowing flashbacks – And wondering if it’ll ever happen again. Why not? If it did before and then again,...

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White Knucklin’ it.

Straight stiff upper lippin’ it. No tears allowed—stay proud no matter how loud the noise in your head becomes. No money?...

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High School Teen Age Dreams

So, it’s 1992 and I was thinking about you as I lined the last of my lid – put my hoop earrings on, shouldered the Jansport...

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On My Mind

I feel like a bullet- I could rip through you … with no memory of how I killed you. Skip through your skin like pins so thin- because...

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Manners: Why Our Kids Need to Learn Them

I went to Catholic school. We had to, of course, wear our uniforms. Starched white shirts, pleated burgundy plaid skirts and burgundy...

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House Keys

That first day I didn’t like your voice and I wanted you replaced. I didn’t like your jacket and I didn’t want you in the...

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Ode to A Forgotten City

I grew up in New York City. I was born in a hospital on 12th Street. The Village. My Mom and Dad brought me home to an apartment on 18th...

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Live With Intention Right Now

We ask it, as parents, every time we scroll through the photos on our phones and spot a pic of our little one—two years ago—when he...

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Why I Want to be Rich

“Money isn’t everything.” That’s what they say. “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” “No, maybe it doesn’t – but it sure...

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25 Typed Pages: How One School and One Teacher Changed My Life

I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. It was a huge surprise for all of us. Not because I wasn’t smart or because...

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Don’t Sell Your House. Do Whatever it Takes But DO NOT Sell YOUR HOUSE!

I grew up in Manhattan. That is New York City. Not Brooklyn. Not the Bronx. Not Queens. Not any other borough. Just Manhattan. THE CITY. A...

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Are You Masculine Enough to be Feminine? Effeminate Men are Sexy!

My husband could not be anymore of a “man.” A macho, tough, tattooed, spitting, cursing, truck driving man. Really this is true. I met...

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I Am Your Mother

I’m your mother, but no I’m not listening. You’re talking in the backseat of the car. I hear you, barely. I’m your...

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I Don’t Like New Year’s Eve

I remember when I was little, New Years Eve was something to look forward to. My mother made it fun. She baked pigs in a blanket and put...

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i searched for You in mexico, hoping to see Your face – so many people resembled You i felt your spirit in this foreign place. i...

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Towering Trees

those towers were trees they were strong in the breeze and they were in my backyard. those towers were mine they made me feel fine when i...

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The Most Successful Way to a Lovers Heart … is a Lost Art

When I was 11 years old, I bought a red journal that was covered with little Teddy Bears. It had a gold lock and a single gold key. My mom...

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Grief: Whose Business is it?

“So Your Mom Died 2 Years Ago? It’s Time To Move On.” In October of 1986, when I was 11 – my mother’s father died. My...

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6 Good Reasons I Can’t Always Pick Up my Dog’s Poop

A question for animal lovers and dog owners everywhere: How many times have you left your dog’s defecation on the grass or on the...

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An Actor’s Journey: “This is THE job. This is the hard part.”

I am an actress. My parents saved their money in 1984 so that they could pay for my SAG card. I think at the time it cost $250. I had shot...

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Happy. What is Happy?

An Unhappy Perception I hate that Pharrell song, “Happy!” Every time I hear it, I cringe. I want to pull my stereo system out of my...

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