Jayme Beddingfield


My column, The Matters of Kindness, comprised of personal essays and creative non-fiction that explores and analyzes me, my actions, and the world around me while on a journey seeking more kindness.


About the Author: Jayme Beddingfield is a writer of stories. Some are about mystical lands. Some are about antiheroes on the road to redemption. Some are about neither. She is host and producer of ‘Too Many Words’ a comedy interview podcast with a focus on creating. She has been crafting stories since her third-grade assignment to write her own fairy tale. She prefers to work from the sofa with her dogs by her feet. Originally from Northern New Jersey, she now lives in Seattle, the city of her dreams. She lives with her husband, two children, and pack of dogs. Jayme is a supporter of dreams and promoter of kindness.