In her darkest hour, she offered herself to Him,
Relinquishing all control.
And He devoured all that she was…
This was not about Love.

Submission was not freedom’s choice in the end.
She was in His world now.
Betrayed by her compulsion,
Sanity disintegrated.

Fallen between the cracks,
Leaving only his poisonous token.
He cruelly abandoned her there,
Faded and fractured by cunning persuasion.

Torn inside out,
His venom raged inside her like a plague>
He, the stranger with the key:
This serpent, this wolf – poisonous prick.

Urges desperately run from,
Now a numbing obsession.
Beyond reason or logic,
There could be no substitute now.

Reflections of Innocence betrayed,
Her thoughts haunted by the trick of it.
And the shame grew more powerful burning for it…
She spread herself thin.

Bitterness beneath the clouds of a new day,
Comatose the days away.
Twisted thoughts,
The highway to calamity was close at hand.

Enslaved, she longed to feel alive again.
A simple seduction…
Lust’s evil trick.

Oh, the Fuckery!



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