Echoes of Your Screams

tears flow from my eyes
and leave their wet trails behind
like footsteps in snow…
they get erased
but their essence lingers,
which bites into my cold flesh
with aching blue sharp bites
and I feel their presence
as if a foreign intruder
has taken refuge
beneath my pale skin…
they claw at my already mutilated flesh
with their sharp talons
so that it bleeds
the poisonous acid of your memories
which fills me up with its toxic fumes
and makes me choke…
I cannot hide from them.
my throat gets clogged
and my insomniac eyes tear up…
my soul is a haunted house of memories
and this heart is a hellhole filled to the brim
with writhing fires and lava of pain and torment
where naughty demons play
hide and seek…
they laugh their demonic laugh at me,
mocking me with their
freaky presence
reminding me of what I lost
and how weak I was
and still am…
to this day…
I cannot banish them
from their self-acclaimed home
for if I do that,
there wouldn’t be anything left of me
inside my own self
and I would be just a hollow body
with echoes of your screams
reverberating through its walls
every now and then.

Photo Credit: HollyEma☮ Flickr via Compfight cc

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  1. Very nice. I am so excited! Fk Jadoon is a great poet! She writes about emotions and feelings. Her words will deeply touch anyone’s heart. Well done FK jadoon

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