You touch me and I give way
You wrap your arms around me
My back against your chest
And I lean back,
Oh how I lean and bend against you

My skin against yours has me making sounds that are not my own
You have awoken something in me
Something unfamiliar
But someone I remember

You have disturbed the soil and I won’t go back down
I can’t
I have stayed in the dark and cold and been told it’s for my own good, for too long

I want you to bend me until I break, baby
In two, then four, then six and so on
I want my pieces mixed with yours
I want mess, I want chaos
I want you to do things to me that would make my mother blush

I am your pretty princess who wears dresses and holds your face when you cry
I am your dark wolf who pulls you skin from bone and bone from soul
I shake you up and stress you out
I leave your shirt tails crumpled where they used to be ironed

I scare you with how much I am like you
And how much I am unlike anyone else

I will shift under you like a tectonic plate
You warm up my edges and I grow soft
I wind myself around you
I push against your resistance until you can no longer remember why you kept me out

Lay me down, baby
Do what everyone else has failed to do, darling
Make your fingers make shapes on my skin and my body will make shapes on the sheets
Pull my ribs apart and my thighs will fall apart too

Guide me out of myself and onto your fingers
Take the chord that binds me so tightly from myself
And let it unravel onto your waiting palms
Catch me baby, I trust only you to

Our pieces fit together like they have been apart for too long
Like they have missed each other
But I worry about those pieces
Because when you leave they’ll be all I have



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Emily Algar

I am a journalist, writer and poet based in the United Kingdom. My portfolio includes music reviews and interviews with musicians and artists as well as political writing such as the commercialisation of feminism, rape culture, and covering the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in 2015 and the issue of freedom of speech and the media. My background is in International Relations and Security, but I have always been passionate about music and storytelling. In my writing, I attempt to place music in a broader framework of culture and politics. I believe that music and art can offer a powerful commentary on political and societal issues in the world and my writing and poetry reflects this.

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