Fight or Flight

My skin glows with a silky soft layer of grandiosity, it’s so fucking beautiful, I’m almost positive it should be named one of the wonders of the world. Yeah, I mean that.

Mold me into a statue. Carve me into a mountain that’s close enough to touch the sky; I’m certain I should be worshipped in more ways than one.

Stand back. There’s nothing here to see. Cover your eyes. It’s an ugliness you can’t unsee. I am hardened. Concrete darkness roughens every edge. Black me out permanent and spare yourself the hideous way I fall. Shelter yourself from the crumbling of me that never was anything more than a tiny hill, where even my landing is a failure. The mirror makes me want to go blind.

I love the way the wind feels on my face when I fly, and I can go like this for days. I don’t need food to survive; I’m not even hungry. I am filled with euphoria. Shoot it in my veins. I have a superpower of insomnia. I don’t have time to dream. I’m buying the world today, I deserve it. Fill my mouth with kisses of living on the edge. I’m unstoppable. Look at the sky.. that’s me… flying, flying, flying… fuck, it’s gorgeous.

I am leaving. Or you can leave. Go away. Leave the lights out. The sun tries to poison me with that stupid light. I can sleep for days. Just let me. Conversation feels like a knife that won’t stop threatening me and I don’t give a shit about a week’s worth of mail outside. My hair tries to be tangled like my mind, but there’s no comparison. There’s some shiny scissors in the bathroom drawer trying to give me a haircut and that idea grows on me. I never did like hearing someone say “good morning” or “good day”. It upsets me. I’m not hungry.

Stop talking… It hurts.


Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Stephanie Bennett-Henry is the creator of Raging Rhetoric, the hugely popular Facebook page, IG profile, and website. With a social media following in the hundreds of thousands, Stephanie is regarded as one of today's most highly respected poets. Her writing is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettable. Born and raised in Texas, Stephanie is a southern girl through and through, sharp as a blade and as sweet as candy. You can find Stephanie's exquisite words on her Facebook Writer page, website, IG, and Raging Rhetoric Column on The Lithium Chronicles. From somewhere in Texas, Stephanie is working on her first book of poetry. Look for her pieces in home decor and gift shops all over North America very soon.


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