Fun Facts

Did you know that a mantis shrimp
has 12 different types of photoreceptors in their eyes
Meaning they can see colors
That don’t meet the human eye
I say we take the spectrum for granted
As if the rainbow is black and white
Going through everyday misinterpreting
The gift of sight
Mistaking red for blood
Did you know that blood runs blue
Until it touches oxygen
Did you know that my eyes were brand new
Until I met you
A slow graze of a pupil
And I see it
Did you know that green
Is the rarest eye color
To ever be seen
Only 2% of the population withhold
And you know what
My eyes are brown
But they sound rare
When you admire them
Did you know yellow makes you dizzy
It can cause Nausea
So maybe I mistook your mustard sweater
For butterflies in my stomach
Did you know that pink soothes nerves
So maybe that’s why
A bouquet of peonies
Handed to me on our first day felt calm
Did You know that Men and Women
See red differently
Maybe that’s why
When I see your pulsating veins
I also see
The wine on the table
The lipstick on your cheek
The glowing crimson sunset
When climbed to that rocky peak
The burgundy silk sheets
2 beating hearts
And You’ll always just see what’s there
A vessel beneath skin
Running fire engine red
See the difference between
You and I
You just acknowledge the fire engine
But I smell the smoke
So there it is…
Like a mantis shrimp
I see you in colors that don’t exist
And you barely see me at all.

Photo: © Raegan Gonzalez All Rights Reserved

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