Happy Mom’s Wine Club

Drink wine:
Wine is classy
Smart moms drink wine
Exhausted moms drink wine
If you wear slippers and pajamas, then it’s cute

There are detractors, of course, including:
When did it becomes acceptable for mothers to drink every night?
If you loved your kids you wouldn’t do it
What do your husbands think?

That’s okay, if your husbands complain just drink mouth wash like my Nana used to—respect your elders. Women have been doing it for ages—stuffing their voids full of booze, wondering why they’re never full while their husbands uncork their feet and watch them drain

For a brief moment you will forget:
That you are reviled
Clean the house, do the laundry, make the food, help with homework, work a job,
disappoint boss because your need another sick day (it’s flu season), schedule doctor’s
appointments after 5pm (Just kidding that’s impossible), remember remember
remember (oops you forgot—your kid didn’t have the right field trip money), have
something wrong with your thyroid (Don’t worry! No one will believe you), exist exist
exist, do it again tomorrow and tomorrow, always behind, always angry while your
husband fucking sleeps (He’s so stressed)

Just kidding, you won’t forget
But for a moment you can manage a smile despite it


“A glass of red wine” by Markus Spiske is licensed under CC0 1.0

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