“he and she and all of them”

I’ve fell in love with one hundred different people
for one hundred different reasons.
I knew no matter what they would be there
for me
how selfish
that I loved that
the sound of their voice made me cry,
and they who never broke a gaze.
how appealing that
I got to feel so special.
how special it is when
you lock eyes
with someone and notice that
they get it.
they’re in on something that only the two of you understand
but, I’ve locked those eyes more than once
and each time my heart believed that there

how foolish that I
could be fooled so many times.

but there is something stuck in my eye and
maybe there is something there,
in that moment.
and as my sister said
soulmates can come by the dozen,
or maybe I said so because
I need an excuse to feel so much.



“Image” by Unauthorized Media is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

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