I Just Want One Day

I want to fly
in the endless sky
where every dreamer’s dream
breathes and resides
among the clouds, amid the stars.
Where there are no bounds
no restrictions, limitations,
just the blissful serenity of the skies
where the stars shine; the moon smiles
upon all the unsuspecting beholders.

Where I can breathe
the sweet scent of freedom,
where I can drift into,
sweet, pleasurable oblivion.
Where I can feel whole.
Not just a walking corpse,
with a deep void in place of a heart.

Where there is no one
to stop, to glare
to point out the fact,
what a disappointment to share!
Where there are only flowers and colors,
sweet-nothings and smiles.
Where I can laugh and dance,
play and enjoy
with no one to judge,
no one to grudge.

I just want one day,
to be myself!
I just want one day,
to forget who I am!
I just want one day,
to fly into the sweet realms of
eternal peace and blissful tranquility;
where there are no sorrows,
no responsibilities; reservations.

I just want one day.
to finally escape
to a ‘land far away.’
Where there is a ‘once upon a time,’
and a ‘happy-ever-after’ waiting for me.

I just want one day to be myself.

I just want one day to forget who I am.

Photo: ©Julie Anderson All Rights Reserved

  1. It’s superb dear! I m proud to have such an talented friend like you. Very happy for you sweetie

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