I want
to be the one
you chase in your dreams

I want
to fill your head with nothing
but thoughts of me

I want
you to write my name
over and over and over

I want
you to struggle to compose
love poems to me

I want
you to break every rule
and law to come find me.

Photo Credit: Miroslav Vajdić Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. I’m so embarrassed I just saw these comments…d’oh 🙂 As always, your kind comments mean the world to me. Love you SO much…..xD.

  2. Dang, girl, I was just thinking about you! I miss you and your wonderful writing! LOL I just saw these comments and thought ooops….maybe reply would be nice 🙂 So wonderful to see you right on top! xoD.

  3. Beautiful, and it triggered a dormant yearning in me I had told myself had left for ever!
    Thank you for this.
    You always just nail it Dori!
    Love you,
    S xo

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