I Wish It Was That Simple

“tat,tat,tat” gurgles from his mouth
fourteen months in this world
concerned only with the navigation
of his wagon around the coffee table
the sound of the birdies songs
outside the window
his only distraction
laying down for a nap
giggling in his security
playing with his toes
curiously smiling at me
while I cry at people
jumping out of windows
one hundred floors up
and whisper
“I wish it was that simple
I wish it was that simple”

Photo Credit: Abode of Chaos via Compfight cc

  1. I will tell you Kitt that this poem is one of my proudest achievements in the sense that I feel that I completely captured that awful and terrible moment in time with my words. I can’t read it without feeling the incredible sadness that I felt that day. So glad that you could relate to it my friend.

  2. My son was 14 months old back then, too. We were on vacation in Hawaii, watching it happen on the television. Travelers gathered together in the resort bar to console each other in disbelief.

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