Pascale Lafay – Femme de l’art

Pascale Lafay is a woman of substance who breathes life into unspoken emotions.  Her list of accomplishments an  artist’s dream. After studying at the Beaux-Arts school in France, Pascale launched her career by creating unique furniture and jewelry for a myriad of fashion designers including Thierry Mugler and Christian Dior.

Branching out and exploring various creative outlets, she is considered one of this generation’s most talented visual artists. Pascale’s work as a photographer and film director will strike you as  ethereal, poignant, and singularly breathtaking.  Her video SHOPPING conveys a message that is surreal yet timely.  Her photograph series “Life In a Box” tells the tale of what we all have become.

To aid in the translation of her ideas, she often uses herself as the muse and can be found in many of her photographs and videos. Constantly contorting and expanding life and its limits through her lens, her body and face become the canvas.

Bridging consciousness and subconsciousness, we can see what is hidden inside. The images offer a new poetic way of viewing the feminine form, while delivering an extra sensory message from an offset perspective, via projections.

JA: Favorite person / place / thing:
PL: All the war photographers and cosmonauts / Leonard Cohen / Thailand / Cuddly toy

JA: Feel good spot /place/ word/ experience:
PL: My bed / to be near hot water / feel free / to work on my projects

JA: Preferred girly item:
PL: Shoes

JA: What do you wish your mother told you:
PL: You are coming with me

JA: The most profound moment in your life (so far) i.e. when it all clicked / or when you knew you found your purpose:
PL: Inspiration and love

JA: Wish for the world/ what you would change:
PL: More equality and respect. I would like to change censorship and the economy but I even don’t care to try as I feel powerless to do anything.

JA: What inspires you:
PL: dreams / reading / society’s disorder

JA: What do you refuse to live without:
PL: My laptop and internet connection / love and friends

JA: Your idea of true beauty is:
PL: Presence and personality



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