Keep One in the Chamber

Darkness has fallen.
The winds,
they blow strange.
The devils we know
have all changed their names.
They have coloured their faces,
these heathens without shame,
all pointing corrupt fingers,
all deflecting the blame.
They kill our time breathing
upon life’s precious things,
taking pleasure from bullets
tearing butterfly wings.
One for the kid
just trying to get home,
clutching rainbows of death
and his girl on the phone.
A few for the women,
the mothers not to be,
slaughtered for their choices
in the land of the free.
Five for the heroes
who laid down their lives
when a blue line was crossed
in Dallas that night.
Another forty-nine
blazed through the night skies,
carrying the pulse of one love
on terrified cries.
In San Bernardino
there was holiday cheer,
and then fourteen funerals
to ring in the New Year.
In the back of a car
on the side of a road,
a little girl counts
as a gun unloads.
Into her daddy
the bullets are sprayed,
white ones and blue ones
and both are afraid.
Her mama is crying
and this is their fight,
cars without tail lights
and bodies without white.
Gone are the days
when we put kids to bed,
with nary a worry
but a kiss on the head.
We used to teach fools
to be wary of strangers,
but now we tell children
to keep one in the chamber.

Photo: © Julie Anderson All Rights Reserved

Nicole Lyons

Nicole Lyons is a force of nature disguised as a writer, a social activist, a voice for the downtrodden, and a powerful poet with a delicate touch. She is a published author and poet featured in the books Feminine Collective’s RAW&UNFILTERED VOL I, Love Notes From Humanity; The Lust, Love, & Loss Collection, and Stigma Fighters Anthology Volume One. Her essays and poetry have also been featured in numerous literary collectives. Her debut book of poetry HUSH, published by FC Media will be released in April 2017. Nicole was inducted into The Mental health Writer’s Guild in 2015 for her work on The Lithium Chronicles, Psych Central, The Mighty, and the International Bipolar Foundation. She is a speaker and event coordinator with a Canadian nonprofit that focuses on suicide awareness and prevention in children and teens, and she lives a good life in beautiful British Columbia with her brilliant daughters and amazing husband. From a sunny porch beautiful British Columbia, Nicole is enjoying a glass of wine, and working on her second collection of poetry.

2 thoughts on “Keep One in the Chamber

  1. Dori OwenDori Owen Reply

    So powerfully relevant in today’s turbulent society. You’ve captured this horrific dilemma perfectly in thought-provoking prose. I abhor the actions but I love your words so much.

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