Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved me

This story is old, but it goes on.
Last night she dreamt somebody loved her,
The walls she built came tumbling down,
One by one
Her chains were broken,
Revealing this famished heart aching to be free
If only he could see all she wants is to be adored.

She is falling before his eyes
Is even worth it?
Something so precious must serve a purpose
This feeling of urgency,
When time stays still, waiting anxiously until the night comes soon.
She wants to see beauty, she wants to see life.

Why does she give her time if she knows he doesn’t care if she cries or laughs?
Seeking love in the wrong places, seeking love in so many faces.
She doesn’t want to wake up on her own anymore.
Last night she dreamt somebody loved her;
The white wedding dress, the memories, and pictures
She knows it’s over.
This story is old, but it goes on.
She wants the one she can’t have.

Photo Credit: Ian D. Keating Flickr via Compfight cc


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