Leakage: A Minor Problem

women leak: we do not talk about our leaks: not
acceptable dinner conversation: in youth
I did not need extra protection, Depends, I had strong
elastic muscle: now I’m told,
do Kegels: surgery is an option: can we get more extreme? scientific?
Pharmaceutical? when all the heart wants
is a place to come home.
tight, she holds tight: bubble burst quiver of need: to release
spend out into rush: evacuate: balloon-push full pressure:
convoluted: contorted, she holds tight: controls what cannot
wait: she slips, falls, hits the ground: time stops, she sits
still on the sidewalk: foot twisted: her bladder held tight:
no blood: I reach to help, she crawls to the wall
slow: stops, holds, bent into herself, she comes to a stand:
anchors one foot: good foot: rest?     No, I need a bathroom:
we walk, my hand anchors her arm: her hand grasps the wall:
steady, direct her to a stall: a quiver this need:
halted English, my husband, around the corner
I seek the man: he sits on a wall: Will my car be okay?
Yes, come: she needs you: she fell: we go, we wait:
he wraps her swollen ankle: take her to a doctor: his eyes
stop: they drive away: do they have insurance: I worry
how will she fare. I know such urgency

Photo Credit: Magdalena Roeseler Flickr via Compfight cc

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