Petalwell – Portable Aromatherapy

I recently met two sisters from the Irish Family company Oglesby & Butler Ltd.  They have created PETALWELL. A portable, uniquely designed essential oil diffuser that you can travel with. Reimagined and reinvented, this aromatherapy diffuser is easy to use. It’s patented technology represents a new way to capture the benefits of aromatherapy. Unlike other diffusers […]

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The #1 Beauty Cream for Wrinkles Will Shock You

Ugh, I spent $500 on a bottle of face cream once! Yes, I was feeling a little vulnerable after attending a launch party in Miami the night before. My goodness, the girls were gorgeous! They were decked out, made-up, and in their 20‘s and 30’s. Do you want to look as young as you can? […]

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My Secret Life at the CIA

We kept it under wraps for a long time. Only family members and a few friends knew, and they did their best to keep it a secret. It was a burden, the kind that affects everything you do in your life; it determines the kind of friends you keep, the activities you engage in, and […]

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The Sophisticated Traveler Costa Rica Style

Trends in international travel are changing, drastically.  I experienced this first hand as proprietor of Bella Vista Lodge in Dominical, Costa Rica. Ticos (Costa Ricans) have a saying:  Pura Vida.  It means “pure life”.  It’s used as a salutation, as a reply to an inquiry as to one’s health and state of mind, and has become […]

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Must-Have Beauty Products for “On the Go”

While there are a plethora of items you could carry in your makeup bag every day, there are only a handful of “must haves” that can get you from feeling drab to fab in just minutes. Always carry your smaller lip and eye pencils (the ones you were about to throw away). They usually fit […]

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Embracing the change

As women, we move through many phases of femininity–from maiden to mother to crone. For many women, the changes associated with menopause are seen as negative. However, with the right information and resources it can be a time of empowerment and grace. Psychologically, the realization that fertility is ending can subconsciously make a women feel […]

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Inspiration from the Armless Artist

Some years ago as I was walking down Fifth Avenue, around Rockefeller Center, I saw a huge group of people gathered and wondered what was going on. As I got closer and looked down at the ground, I could see this incredible art beautifully blended with colored chalk that seemed to defy the cement canvas. […]

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