Nectar of the Extreme

unwind the gossamer binding tare self imposed chastity to shreds slip inside finger my essence rattle my being genuine appetite disclosed shake me slowly quake hidden yearning the volcanic eruption reveals the depth of my propensity unabashed brazenly exposed my psyche hid the merciless ravine of sensuality a caged animal imprisoned by shame ravenous craving never […]

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Death’s Mementos

Mom woke me up late one night by rubbing my shoulder and whispering: “Whit, get up. There’s a full moon. Come into the living room.” She and Dad had quietly pulled the box holding my telescope out from under my bed and set it up. I had become interested in the stars and moon around […]

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She senses it, anticipates it, as it’s preceded by a look; His eyes are on her, even though she doesn’t meet his gaze. His hands smoothing her hair down her back, he kisses her lips. His breathing warm, softly delivering “You’re so beautiful” into the curve of her neck. He doesn’t know his energy for […]

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Angry Woman

I am an angry woman, not pretty angry, not cute angry, but dragon hungry angry, lipstick smeared all over my face angry, twilight dying angry, box cutter to my skin angry, skin wailing, burning angry, when I said no and you cried and said, “Don’t you love me anymore,” angry. I could eat a whole […]

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Her Side

There are two-sided arrows pointing toward her spotted heart, a restless one and a mournful one damned one for her lover of the cracked truant night; the one who escaped her hanging who loved her blinding outbursts cried over her first laughed at the wit and charm another aim for the one who stayed put, […]

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I unearthed a seahorse—lithe and dried, Slumped heavy in sand and Sweltering by the microwave of The smoldering sky. It laid bent and braided, bore black Pinprick eyes, and had found throne By the salty phalanges of Poseidon’s clench The gulls had gawked and the Sun had stalked my bony shoulders, The skinny seahorse sheltered […]



Never content, you drew wayward thrills from my fear of abandonment. Fastidious, you picked my bud smelt it gently, then squashed it underfoot. You left with quiet force, your silent footfall boomed in my ears. split the space where we stood. Photo Credit: MattysFlicks Flickr via Compfight cc

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Found Wanting: Burning With Anger, The Hidden Truth of Eating Disorders

At my childhood best friend Ashley’s house, the pantry was big enough to sit in, and when we were bored, we did just that, eating whatever was around us. The pantry was long and narrow, cool and dark, with hardwood floors obscured by tins of flour and multi-flavored popcorn. It was a tight squeeze, and […]

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