Consent (cw:18+)

Yes to face on face,
body on body,
heterosexual sex.
Insertion, speed, position—
a yes, a yes, and a yes.
Consenting bodies,
he fingers her,
she gives head.
Insertion, repetition—

but her neck is strained
against the backboard,
and it’s not that she
is in too much pleasure to move,
it’s that she thinks he is.
And the sex is successfully sex—
she’s wet, he’s hard and persistent,
and when she knows she won’t come,
she tries, at least, to stay wet
so he can.
If she doesn’t get that done,
the lube on the condom will—
they’re using a condom.
They both said yes.

Tomorrow, his arms will be sore
from holding himself above
her body and thrusting,
her inner thighs will be strained
from being opened,
his penis will be tender,
her labia will burn from the friction,
her neck will be sore
and her head will be bruised
from bumping against his headboard.



Maryka Gillis

Maryka Gillis is originally from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and recently graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in Creative Writing. She is working on getting her first chapbook manuscript published and writes columns for Folded Word press. Maryka will pursue her deepest loves through seasonal work and travel for her post-graduation rebound, and plans on writing poetry for the duration of her life.

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