It Was

Call it bad decision. Call it shame.
Call it drunk, call it late. Call it
alcohol, cold night, hazy memory. Call it body
language, no condom, call it drunk
and late. Call it dark outside. Call it erection,
call it another cigarette, call it late. Call it
age difference, poor training, objectification,
too drunk, too late.
Don’t call it sex, call it what it was.

Did you want it or not?
Did you want it or no? Did you
say yes or not? Did you say yes
or no? Did you say no? Did you say yes?
Did you consent?


Maryka Gillis

Maryka Gillis is originally from Gloucester, Massachusetts, and recently graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in Creative Writing. She is working on getting her first chapbook manuscript published and writes columns for Folded Word press. Maryka will pursue her deepest loves through seasonal work and travel for her post-graduation rebound, and plans on writing poetry for the duration of her life.

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