I Spoke to the Mountain

I spoke to the mountain and valleys to ask, do you even know my name or remember my past?
I spoke to the mountain to simply confide, all the insecurities and sorrow I continue to hide.
I spoke to the mountain and pledged my life’s key, and the mountain replied, “But do you know me?”
I stopped in my thoughts, as the sincerity I caught, the question was a blessing with a lesson to be taught.

I kneeled to the mountain, my eyes full of tears and the mountain boldly asked, “ My child why so much fear?”
I dipped in the valley and spoke to the stream, and replied to the mountain life is a horrible dream.
The mountain erupted with pink stars and blue moons then told me, “Child don’t fear my plans are never doomed.

I shot to the sun as I whispered amen, and floated on the clouds as I began to dance.
The mountain was a God I cannot explain,
but the spirit gave me what I needed and definitely knew my name.

Photo Credit: mtch3l via Compfight cc

Jennifer Lauren Adams

Jennifer Lauren Adams is an aspiring 26-year-old creative writer from Dallas, TX. She strives to promote healing and enlightenment by sharing her gift of writing with the world. Look for more projects from this southern belle in the next few months!. Inspirational articles, poetry, thoughts of the day and e-books will be available online for purchase Fall 2016!

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