i would rip your throat out
i would burn you to pieces
i’d leave you as ashes and never look back.
the collapse of your soul is
and everything you do is despicable.
there’s nothing good
there’s nothing clean
in how you’re so mean
and i wish you death
YES! – with every breath i take i hope
the mistakes that you make pile up against you like rubble and tumble upon you like snakes
you’re a disgrace…
your poor mother.
your just another problematic personality in a society of systematic bullshit and red tape.
i wish i could escape the sight of you – the thought
of your disappearance is excitable-
behind your desk- proud of your power.
get in the shower and wash yourself fully-
you’re a bully and made of dust…
you’ll never matter- especially to us.

Photo Credit: MaloMalverde via Compfight cc

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