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Heart to Heart is a column about exploration and intentional love. It's about loving yourself. It's about loving the ones who can't love. It's about learning to thrive even when it feels impossible. Life has thrown a good share of bad Renee's way. Renee writes intimately about moments; about the grace and growth in realizing there are messages in everything; about coming to terms with realizing nothing is random; about realizing everything has its purpose. She's learned that success and survival are born out of a deep desire to overcome dysfunction. She doesn't sugarcoat the heartbreaks or horrors. She speaks her truth. She may stun you speechless but rest assured as she shares moments, both good and bad, and how she has chosen to respond to them, you will find yourself looking at your own good and bad and decide to thrive—It's time to have a heart to heart.

About the Author: Renee DeMont was born into poverty. She spent much of her childhood homeless, living on the streets of Los Angeles and in foster care. In spite of her childhood, Renee went on to a have successful career, first in entertainment at Paramount Studios, then as an entrepreneur in a risky biomedical engineering venture that flourished. Renee is personally and financially independent after selling her half of the business and filing for divorce. Currently, she lives in South Orange County, CA with her teenage son and daughter, and her high maintenance, lovable dog Joe. She is fortunate to live a life led by her soul's desire rather than the fears and doubts of her past. Her days are spent gently launching her almost grown children into adulthood, and passionately penning her memoir.


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In My Other Life

This entry is part 1 of 12 in the series: January Flashback January FlashbackIn My Other LifeAn Actor’s Journey: “This is THE job. This...

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Her Name Was JOY

As she stepped inside my home tonight, I could see she wasn’t in a hurry. Seemed to want to linger a bit. Came to pick up a beautiful...

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Our Stories Unite Us

He had spent some time in prison. Today, he was standing in my kitchen. Only two years older than I, deep heavy grooves etched into his...

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Staring Down Flames of Destruction

This happened the other day, just down the street. A block from my house. A WALL OF FIRE. Stunned, sudden nausea prompted me to swallow...

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Being Homeless is NOT for Cowards

Red lights were spinning tenaciously atop both cop cars; sirens silenced, as if in anticipation. Something happened, but what? Uniformed...

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In the Event of the Sudden Death of a Parent

Had THE TALK with my daughter tonight. Well, not THE talk (that came years ago) but the more difficult one, I believe regarding: what...

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The Death Divorce

“Was your childhood so bad?” I placed the last of the groceries on the top shelf in the fridge, closed the door, and waited for...

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The Importance of Being Still and the Get Up and Go

My four year old son asked, “Are we up in the air yet?” With the certainty of a frequent flyer his twin sister responded,...

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The Thing with Divorce?

It leaves a scent. Like a barbecue cooking in a new neighbors backyard, on a hot summer day. Men get a whiff, and they want to be invited...

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The Good Girl and the Gun Runner

“You were protective.” It wasn’t a thank you; it was an accusation. He was pissed. Yes, my seventeen-year-old son can be...

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I Remember this Feeling

I was nine when they drove away from my foster home. First, my parents. Then, four years later, my grandparents. Finally, it was me in the...

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Pitch Black

It was more like the crack of a shotgun, than an explosion. Breath caught in my throat. Flinching, I recoiled into a ball; my legs and...

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What’s the Next Chapter in Your Story?

9/11 Somber day. Reflective. Life, at every stage, is temporary; delicate, like a piece of rice paper. It occurred to me a few days...

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30 Things I Learned After He Moved Out

I love my dog. He’s a soft, sweet space heater that keeps my feet warm at night. It’s okay to sleep on the couch when you are...

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