Is key willful to believe sounds silly

Statistics are all surreal in a sense
2nd Most Static Civil Caste System
Britain is 1st we Better Beat Them
Writing with pure heroin is bizarre

Personality prefers speedballs
Personality disorders prefigure
Future medians and mediums

Corporate technique of throwing
More content at problems praxis
For a time gets alt goût de terroir

Quiet quick silence be Mary Val
Ium Valérian reference from a כָּ֫לֶב‎‎
Plutocracies love merit pyramids


Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud Flickr via Compfight cc

Rose Knapp

Rose Knapp is a poet, producer, and multimedia artist. She has publications in Chicago Literati, Visitant, BlazeVOX, Bombay Gin, Para·Text, and others.​ She currently lives and works in Manhattan.

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