why did you give me all of these memories
without an intention to give me your heart
or maybe i had your heart but rather
you did not have mine.
it was there
but not held the way i would have wanted.
nonchalantly tossed on a coffee table
next to a stack of unread new york times.
ones you had intended to read,
but instead hoarded.
eventually piled into a closet
between two out of season air conditioners
rusted from the weather.
when is it enough?
two empty beer cans left rings behind
and five lay on the floor.
my soul filling the room
in an attempt to cover up all of this.
but my body is empty now;
so when i left i took my soul with me and i left
a single photo for you.
and an empty wardrobe.
and an empty home.
one that had most definitely been lived in
but not loved in enough.



“File:Figure 5. Anxiety can leave a person feeling extremely sad.jpg”by INeverCry is licensed under CC0 1.0

Lauren Anders

Lauren Anders is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where she graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Oklahoma City University. She recently completed a master's program at the New York Academy of Art and now lives and works in Manhattan pursuing various artistic practices.

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