Richard De Fino

The Anxiety Monologues with Richard De Fino

Life is hard enough as it is, not including the constant worrying about the small things, trying to fit it, other people’s opinions and then there’s all the added judgment that we put on ourselves. The Anxiety Monologues is a column about some of the day- to-day stresses in life, some of them are serious issues (self-esteem, debt, addiction) and some are just simply ridiculous (good lighting in mirrors and bad hair days). It would be great if we could all do as we please and not feel judged, but unfortunately, this is not possible. With The Anxiety Monologues, the reader can either connect with or just to enjoy some of Richard’s irrational thinking through his personal essays and poems. Whether his stories leave you laughing, saddened or just baffled, they were all written from his heart and come from a life of struggle and survival. Nothing here is exaggerated. He honestly thinks this way.

About the Author:Richard De Fino was born and raised in New York City, spending the first 19 years of his life there. He has since lived in Pittsburgh PA for 2 years, Rochester NY for 5 years and now currently resides in Buffalo NY. As a memoirist and a so-called observer, Richard wants to use his written words to advocate such overlooked issues in society as, Anxiety, Depression and Alcoholism and other personal issues. When he isn’t writing about his own anxiety and crazy Bronx upbringing, he enjoys watching countless hours of television with his wife Andrea, cats Bebe & Eleven and their dog Zeke. Never exactly sure of what he wants to do with his life, he continues to write and tell his story. He is currently working on his personal childhood Memoir.


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My Non-Television Mother and Me

Part 1 My mother is not a mother to me like a television mother. She’s more like a friend, a friend of a friend even. She’s the...

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I Feel Pretty with Makeup On

I haven’t felt comfortable in my skin since I was a teenager. And this is odd to me, because when I was a teenager, I was disgusted by my...

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My Dissociation Disorder

This isn’t happening. This isn’t real. I’m not here. (Cue heaving breathing) This feeling is horrifying, every morning it’s a dance...

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How to Lose All of Your Friends in 5 Minutes

So how does one lose all their friends in 5 minutes? Well, it’s not that hard actually. Just tell them the truth, that’s it. But please...

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Bumper Sticker Philosophies: America’s Automobile Dialogue

“Come on, seriously! No one cares about your honor student child!” I shout this out loud to myself every time I’m driving and see one...

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In a picture that dates back to 89’, my mother holds me close, my brother as well. She cradles us on top of a bar stool, points at the...

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Can I see California? (Once before I die)

I must see California before I die. This is not an option for myself. I would walk the 3000 miles upon nails and razors only to see the...

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My Obituary (an ode to my parents)

Dear Mom and Dad, My requests are short and simple. I will not ask much of you. You can start by giving your 100% full undivided attention...

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I know how you resent smoking, but what if I was to tell to you that my love for you was eternal, and as I said this, I took a long drag...

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