Spit It Out

I wish I could get rid of the taste, it is metallic and poisonous, like burnt pious self-righteousness, unpalatable.
I want to wash and sterilize my mouth, my mind, my body and my spirit of all the trash it has produced and swallowed.
I wish I could erase the memories; they are the bitter, judgmental rants, a smorgasbord of narcissistic drivel that bounces around in my mind.
I want to spit it out, this stinking blob of incontinent emotions, and innate fear.
I wish I could take back everything that I said, it was all idiotic verbiage, spewing from a reckless heart.
I want to be free of ties that bind me to the wishes of others, the co-dependents creed.

Photo Credit: Dear, max Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. ‘incontinent emotions’, ‘idiotic verbiage spewing from a reckless heart’………oooo, I can taste the bitter metallic in my mouth. Powerful words for a powerful emotion. Strong piece Julie xoxo

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