Strangled in the Dark

Death puts you on the outside. It keeps you strangled in the dark… locked inside a room too
small for your body. Death slaps duck tape over your mouth – 10 pieces of silver, dull duck tape
over your mouth so that you can’t breathe and no one can hear you- and because of the dark no
one can see you… either. You are left out now because people – 20 years younger than you
bounce around like it’s the summer time and the beach is fun—- and they will never know what
you’re going through until it gets them… and it will. And they won’t be able to breathe either… but
for now… it’s you and you alone with death.
Death fills you with rage. A rage so loud and violent and dangerous that no one will look you in
the eye
because they know if they do
you will burn them alive and scream with laughter while you do it— so they avoid you. They
ignore you. They roll their eyes behind your back because “Still?”
Death makes you a leper. And sips the sanity right out of your skull- and you’ll never get it back –
EVER – because no matter how desperately you claw your way back to a world that completely
turned its back on you… no matter how pathetically you cower to the hammering, scolding
voices of everyday people, places, and things– when it happens again— and it will happen
again and again… you are going to melt.
And shatter inside – and lose your entire
grip on any kind of reality—- and you’re
going to fall… fall… fall…. back down
back into that pitch black room … with
duck tape over your mouth so you can’t
Death puts you on the outside. It keeps
you strangled in the dark.

Photo Credit: aaronrhawkins Flickr via Compfight cc

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