The Crazies

Are the precious ones with the most colorful souls
Painting love in glorious hues of aqua, fuchsia, tangerine and gold
The crazies feel the weight of the world in their twinkle toes
And catch the gentle autumn breeze on the tip of their upturned nose
They feel it all heavy and feather light
Goosebumps of bliss and scars of sorrow for persons they just met
Misfits, rebels, gypsies, old souls
The believers of breaking the manmade barriers, boxed in lines
Lovers of light sabers they will never, ever know
Empaths, warriors, the ones who  want the world to overflow with love, blinding light and steady landscapes
A new and forgiving earth, a sugar high bliss out
A place filled with the purest sunshine and blankets of pristine white snow
The crazies create poetry and art and music and books with extreme
temperatures of hot and cold
Their love is limitless, their kindness the sweetest tears of a world only they can know
The crazies believe they can fix the chaos spiraling out of control
A world despairing
They retreat into the darkness when they can’t find the solution
To mend things, messy stuff, ugly problems
Their minds whittling and whirling
The where, when, how and why the world went dark
The crazies are the fixers, the inventors, the creatives, the thoughtful, the wildly misunderstood
The very best intentioned
Poetry, art and love overfill
their bones with perfect passionate pitch
For their ears and eyes only
The crazies aren’t really crazy at all
The crazies aren’t really crazy at all
The crazies aren’t crazy after all
It seems
If you look at hate, history repeating and repeating itself
Nothing’s changed
Quiet your soul and listen to the sweet sounds of the music
Humming from the 45 vinyl
Raw emotion in motion
Captured in the freest performance
Pain, joy, sorrow sounds just like
The crazies are just crazy enough to believe
To B.E.L.I.E.V.E.
In you and you and you
From the purest form of the truest noble heart
Call me crazy and keep your bland sanity
I don’t mind
The inexplicable climb or fall
Is better than bitter resentment or feeling nothing at all
The crazies are lightyears away and apart
They are humanity at its very best
Lovely, broken and whole

Photo Credit: AK Rockefeller Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    I’m quite glad I came here, among those beautiful crazy people. Thanks, Jacqueline.

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