The Descent

Mistress Desire
Beyond simple truth.
Beyond the reaches of words and description.
Lust and danger at the hand of this Tall Dark Stranger.

His drug worked quick.
Sex kisses
He stamped his impression hard.
A strong tongue
he kissed with purpose.

Her heart skipped beats racing to catch up to itself,
Only to lose breath and motion
And her conscious awareness.
Trembling desperately within, urges buried deep.

Her body could not contain itself.
Flooding her amorous sack of Lust’s Venus Cave
The storm was heavy and fierce,
The numbing coma now washed away.

Hot flushes burning soft cheeks.
A sting so familiar but this time it was pleasure,
She was changed… revived.

It was not out of choice but necessity.
All these years she had betrayed herself,
All these years in the darkness of denial and servitude.
The starving beast now had a taste for the blood of it

The elixir of life breathed heavily into her heart.
The lonely flame danced feverishly with the new cosmic wave.
So enthused by this enchanting delight there was no more melancholy here.
But the hunger for more was overwhelming.

The power of it
Murderously consuming.
He aroused something in her…
The beast within was now wide awake.



Clementine Heath

Clementine Heath is an actress of stage and screen and a creative developer/writer for film and TV. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and relocated to Los Angeles 7 years ago. She has been writing poetry and short stories since she was a young teenager and had some of her poems published anonymously. Clementine is currently developing several series for digital and cable networks, along with her feature film projects. 'Mistress Desire and the Lonely Flame' is Clementine's first adult poetry series - a collection of short poems to be released sequentially, exclusively for Feminine Collective.

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