Three little pricks (An account by Mr. Wolf)

I’ve had it with those little pricks
this time they’ve gone too far
first my fruits then my land
I heard they’re now after my fur

to bully an old lone wolf
like that is really too much
even for three pigs–pricks!
a wolf’s got his dignity & pride

I tried to talk nice
the first pig told me to scoot
the second threatened me with an axe
the third was the last straw
he shot but missed
that’s when I blew my top

of course that’s not what you heard
those pricks tell a good lie
of course everyone believed them
would you rather trust an old lone wolf?


Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar Flickr via Compfight cc

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Esther Vincent

Esther Vincent is a poet from Singapore, who teaches Literary Arts and Literature at the School of the Arts, Singapore. She writes poetry that resonates on both personal and political levels and believes that poetry should empower, not exclude, engage, not evade. She was co-editor of a poetry anthology, Little Things (2013) and the accompanying Teacher's Guide (2013). Her poems have been published in New Asian Writing (Nov2016), Unhomed (2016), Sound of Mind (2014), LIVEPress Pilot (2014-2015), Little Things (2013), Ceriph #4 (2011) and in Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine Editorial 13. Her poem, "Excuse me, what is your race?" was translated into Russian in To Go To S'pore (2013) by Kirill Cherbitski. She is currently working on a new collection of poems.

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