To a Sailor

I’ll see you again

when my sail catches the winds

and my bow faces in your direction

before the man in the sky sets the time

I’ll reach out and stretch across the flat earth

grab a hold

and wonder how I waited

so long for paradise

until then

I’m lost at sea

will there ever be a next time?


I can not dwell on the lack

but only cherish what never lasts

And for a second

we fooled them all


in the midst of this thunderstorm

I won’t lose hope

Just the thought of sunny shores

how your arms felt like home

but until my path crosses yours

I won’t be spinning my own webs

I guess I’ll finally say*


and I’ll meet you

on the horizon

I gaze at the sun, squinting my eyes

you look for the stars, saying goodnight

just two halves on this great divide

is there ever a good time?



“180721-N-UJ486-0324”by U.S. Fleet Forces Command is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

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